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Further to my last blog about the Westland Wessex, I have been asked to contribute regularly to the newsletter that is being developed to support the restoration project. This is an extremely worthwhile cause and I hoping that by publicising my blog and by association the WHRP (Wessex Helicopter restoration Project –, there may be people out there who; have been saved by a Search and Rescue Wessex, dropped off as part of a stick of soldiers by it, got transported in it (Hello Your Majesty!), piloted it, Loadmaster/Quatermastered it, engineered it, like helicopters generally or even admired it. These are the ones we need to reach to support what we are trying to do: to get a Wessex helicopter to flying condition. It’s early days yet, and there is loads to do, but none of what is to come can be achieved without funding.

You may have seen in the news recently about tax dodgers and revenue cheaters who have tried to rip off the country and live the life of Riley. Similarly the hero worship of scum like the Great Train Robbers who seem to hold folk-lore like esteem with the media. What is wrong with these people?  I really don’t think its the economic situation that forces them to become master criminals, indeed in a documentary about two men who defrauded people and companies of £18 million, it was said that their intelligence and cleverness required to carry out this fraud could have made them very successful business men. So why do it? I suppose it’s because the rewards are greater, along with the risks if you turn to life of crime. One of these men admitted guilt and offered to ‘give’ back £3,9 million; he was given a five year sentence, the other didn’t and received eight years. They’ll both be out in perhaps 2½ and 4 years respectively and will still have a huge wedge to come out to, because neither has admitted what they did with what was left. in one way you could say; nice work if you can get it, I’ll take the risks to have my liberty taken away, and sod those idiots who invested in my fraudulent scam. One woman lost £64,000 to a fraudster and has little prospect of getting it back. She wanted to pass the money on to her grandchildren, that won’t happen now. So the fraudsters must have hides of steel not to be affected by their victims losses. As one detective said; these people don’t do this to impress their mothers, they do for criminal gain and to live the high life, without having to work for it, like the rest of us. Personally I’d like to see all these fraudsters and tax evaders have ALL their assets taken away and re-distributed, so when they come out of gaol, they have nothing and have to start from scratch, which is where most of their victims had to start. A pipe dream I know but wouldn’t it be good, if these fraudsters and tax evaders thought of someone else for a change, not themselves and how much they can rip off the government or individuals.

Like for example contributing to worthwhile causes. Seems it’s the same with the ‘donation’ from that pensioner ex-nurse who left £500,000 to ‘whoever is in power’ in government.  At first the two coalition parties rubbed their hands with glee because they thought they would be getting the money for their party coffers.  After media protests, they rightly decided not to accept the gift. Instead the Treasury will receive it, no doubt to reduce the National Debt, about 0.00002% of it. Pity they couldn’t give the money to a good cause, like a children’s hospice or something, instead it will wind up funding an immigrant or dole scrounger, a really deserving cause.

On a completely different note, Mary Berry the cake baker, has been in the news about her nice demeanour and pleasing TV manner, compared to to some of the more brutish and foul-mouthed ‘celebrities’ who seem content to swear like troopers and shout at people on their programmes, like they found something nasty on the bottom of their shoe. I bracket them with those ‘chat show’ hosts who talk to their guests as if they were more important than the guest they are talking to, and treat them to disgusting language and embarrassing comments and antics.  Along with reality TV and talentless shows is this what this country’s TV is coming down to? The lowest common denominator. Into that mix I question the music that used to introduce programmes, like the news, but includes just about any programme in which the music is both raucous, unnecessary and LOUD! Why is the sound turned up between items and during adverts, whether commercial or public? Sometimes the presenter can’t be heard above the din of the ‘musac’ blaring out at the start of programmes. I single here for particular criticism, the news, especially BBC news. The music introducing news programmes within the corporation is both too loud and too obtrusive, and detracts from sometimes serious and depressing news. Why is it necessary? What does it achieve? Waking viewers up from their pre-news stupor to make sure they are listening? It’s horrible and unnecessary. All broadcasters note: music is an adjunct to the programme, not the main event, unless of course it IS a music programme.  It’s probably down to the 15 year old producers and vision mixers who only think that all music should be LOUD. No it doesn’t, turn it down.

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Retired aerospace engineer, first with the Royal Air Force and then BAE Systems. Now enjoying a variety of activities and not getting bored. I was a Games Maker Volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics and a volunteer at the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England. I was also a volunteer at the 2019 Cricket World Cup in Southampton. I intend to blog about what interests me.
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