Another attrocity

The suicide attack of Brussels is absolutley horrific and has caused much carnage and death. That they were able to kill and maim people outside the main security area is bad enough, but the big question is: why?

No, I don’t mean why whoever did this chose Brussels or where ever, Paris, Madrid etc; I mean what do they want? Do they want to change the world? Do they want us all to wear beards, turbans and long black or white robes? Do they want to turn the world Muslim or for us all to be under Sharia law? Do they want us to support the ISIS? The perpetrators of these atrocities never to seem to state what their objectives are, much less claim responsibility. To just blow people up, create bedlam, cause distress and horror doesn’t mean governments are just going to go belly up and let ‘them’ whoever they are, take over that country. At least previous terror campaigns, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Hitler etc had an objective, this latest series of horrors doesn’t seem to have a requirement. No-one comes forward and says ‘this is what we want’. To just blow up areas, cause panic and distress doesn’t in and of itself cause governments to fall or capitulation of countries.

So what do they want?

About cliverh

Retired aerospace engineer, first with the Royal Air Force and then BAE Systems. Now enjoying a variety of activities and not getting bored. I was a Games Maker Volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics and a volunteer at the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England. I was also a volunteer at the 2019 Cricket World Cup in Southampton. I intend to blog about what interests me.
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