And so it grinds on…..

…April that is, it’s only the first week and feels like its dragging a bit. First we had the budget, discussed and dissected at length by many more qualified than me; then the fall- out from it. Do politicians like Mr Balls think the public is stupid? The way he vilified George Osborne calling the budget ‘best for the rich’ was ludicrous. I often wonder where they get these people from. Surely nobody thinks and acts like that in normal life? Those on benefits aren’t stupid. Most would surely prefer to earn a living with the possibility of increasing their income from harder work or overtime or indeed changing jobs than having to rely on handouts from benefits which are fixed amounts. I would  think, although I have no personal experience, that the majority of those on benefits hate having to accept them. There will always be those that are happy to take money for doing nothing. Maybe those that are able should ‘earn’ their benefits by cleaning the pavements or keeping road signs overgrowth clipped back because currently nobody seems to do these things. Come to think of it that’s not a bad idea. Instead of healthy, able-bodied people just sitting around drinking Special Brew watching Sky TV during the day, why not get them doing menial stuff to earn their benefits? Some liberal groups will shout me down about that idea, but at least they would be doing something useful.

It had to be expected that there would be vitriol when Margaret Thatcher passed away and so it has come to fruition.  The usual left-leaning idiots dancing on her grave, and operating gob (or fingers) before properly ensuring that brain is engaged. Some of the ‘Tweets’ that have come out, and the celebrations in certain parts of the country defy belief. A mother and grandmother as died, how would they feel if it were theirs? Banners proclaiming the witch is dead, and certain parts of the community expressing their glee through various social networks and newspaper headlines and articles are disgusting and unnecessary. No matter what your politics, and how you felt about what Mrs Thatcher’s legacy is, there is no need to behave in such a boorish manner. One question I would ask those that are revelling in the passing of one of our greatest politicians (quoted from Labour politicians including Alistair Campbell) is this: Would you act the same when Tony Blair’s time comes?  He could be accused of doing exactly the same things as Mrs Thatcher, only in his case his legacy is many times worse than left behind by her. Please, please let not some of those idiots showing their hateful feelings about Mrs T  be allowed to interrupt the funeral, which despite their efforts will go ahead and be embraced by the population.  Call in the Royal Marines again, like at the boat race.

It seems like the North Korea ‘thing’ will drag on for some time. Kim Jong-un and his cohorts cannot be insensitive or are unaware of the world’s media reporting that they are being ganged up on. Not only be the US, but South Korea and even China, although Russia seem unusually quiet. They must realise they are on a hiding to nothing despite the rhetoric and bluster, which I guess is to bolster the morale of the people rather than show the world their aggressive intent. It is after all the prerogative of any countries’ government, whether they were legally or democratically entitled to do so or not, to rule their country how they see fit. There are exclusions to this of course, like when Saddam decided to invade a neighbouring country or the Taliban flexed their muscles in Afghanistan, that the world’s leaders want to change the way the country is run. They were quite right in those cases, but in the case of North Korea I don’t see how, short of invading and bombing the country, we can change the way they starve their people or concentrate their GDP on their military, reportedly 1 million strong and apparently bored.  Of course no-one wants this to happen, the losers are always the population, who will die in great numbers if the bombing starts.  A vexed question and one I couldn’t answer easily. Perhaps we can send in some SAS and take Kim-Jong-un and his immediate entourage out. The people could then take over and Korea could become one country again. Some hope. Maybe Korea won’t start anything or launch a missile because they know they will get seriously dumped on by everyone surrounding them. Their aim is to subdue their population even more.

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Retired aerospace engineer, first with the Royal Air Force and then BAE Systems. Now enjoying a variety of activities and not getting bored. I was a Games Maker Volunteer at the London 2012 Olympics and a volunteer at the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England. I was also a volunteer at the 2019 Cricket World Cup in Southampton. I intend to blog about what interests me.
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  1. chris fowler says:

    Hello Clive, I remember you from the Halton days. I have a few snaps of that time, some featuring your handsome self. Can I post them here? Or do you have an email? regds, chris

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